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The goal of our Strategic Planning efforts is to help you to win new business, and in essence, paved the way for business development to succeed.

Our approach to Strategic Planning:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) need to be determined throughout the plan. What needs to be measured to indicate if the plan is working? This is in every area of the company.
  • We look at all of your systems and operations. Whatever those are, these are the collar departments around the business development process. Wherever there is a lack of process or a broken one, these gaps must be addressed in the plan.
  • Developing people to do the things they like to do is the best way to harness that hidden resource within your company. By motivating people, by training people and letting them prosper within your organization will do more for bottom line growth than any other activity. Let us recruit key-leaders for your company that can help you achieve your goals.
  • It is our delivery [of the presentation] that gives the company presidents the “feeling” of comfort and connection with your team. We will help you to establish your voice to convey energy, excitement, and passion. Vocal emphasis and inflection spark interest in your audience.
  • All parts of a business must work toward the same goal with the same identified strategic objective. Only when working toward an identified goal do you have the ability to measure where you are in achieving that goal. We help establish both short-term and long-term goals along with ensuring the proper implementation of action-steps to help you achieve those goals.
  • We have observed that the best way to control your firm’s growth and to function as a healthy management team is to do regular planning. Many firms never do the planning and still do just fine. However, there is a difference in professionalism and leadership in the progressive companies that take the time to hash out and strategically think through their future direction.


Listen better Plan better Build better.

Greetings. My name is Larry Silver. I am a Construction Consultant who works with businesses to help implement sound strategic planning that can help grow and propel a business to achieve both their short-term and long-term goals.